Oxford Street

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Canada Lands Company owns the former RCMP building located at 3151 Oxford Street. Another building located at 3139 Oxford Street and currently occupied by Canada Border Services Agency is anticipated to be acquired by Canada Lands once leases in that building expire in 2019. The 3151 property is comprised of approximately 2 acres (0.8 hectares) with two buildings on site.  The Oxford property is comprised of approximately 2.5 acres (1 hectare).

The Oxford Street properties are bound to the north by the Department of National Defense’s Windsor Park site ad to the southeast and southwest by existing residential.

Canada Lands is launching a broad-based community consultation process, similar to what it did for Shannon Park, to ensure that the community has input into the redevelopment of these properties.

Questions: cmillier@clc.ca

Property Update

2018 05 29

Please note that work has begun toward the deconstruction of the former RCMP forensics laboratory building located 3151 Oxford Street. You will notice increased activity, however construction crews will be accessing the property from Oxford Street only and have been directed not use other streets in the neighbourhood. Fencing has been erected around the building and crews will soon start working on removing the interior. The deconstruction of the building itself will begin in early July after schools in the area have been let out for the summer. Every effort will be made to minimize inconveniences to the community. This work should be completed by the Fall. For safety reasons we kindly ask that residents keep at a distance from the construction area. Should you have any questions or comments please write to us at info@planoxfordhfx.ca.


Oxford Street

Halifax, Nova Scotia



Chris Millier




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