What we do

Canada Lands Company is a self-financing, federal Crown corporation that specializes in real estate, development and attractions management. The company’s goal in all it does is to produce the best possible benefit for Canadian communities and the Government of Canada. Canada Lands Company works to achieve its mandate with industry leading expertise; the company prides itself on its consultation based approach to pursuing community-oriented goals, environmental stewardship and heritage commemoration with all its projects across Canada.

The company’s activities ensure that former government properties are redeveloped or managed in accordance with their highest and best use, and that they are harmoniously reintegrated into local communities. Our goal is to help transform surplus parcels and reshape them to meet the needs of Canadians with inspiring and sustainable new neighbourhoods in which they can live, work and play.

Our Process
When a government department identifies a property as surplus to its needs, Canada Lands Company undertakes an analysis to determine how the property can best benefit local communities and the Government of Canada. The company works with that government department to determine a fair market price for the property and then purchases the parcel through the government’s real property disposal process.
With most of its projects, Canada Lands Company undertakes a public consultation process. Our team works closely with municipal officials to organize the most effective community consultation strategy possible. Our consultation often includes: meeting with community organizations, holding public open houses and establishing local advisory committees to get local input on potential plans for a property. The public is always invited to attend and participate throughout the community consultation process.
After completing the consultation process, Canada Lands Company creates a master development plan for the property. In keeping with the organizations commitment to corporate social responsibility, the master plan will incorporate sustainable development principles such as LEED certifications, and meet the needs of the local community. This plan is submitted to the local city or town council for consideration and approval.
Once the approvals are received, Canada Lands Company typically carries out site servicing. Depending on the site, this may involve the removal of debris and contaminated soil or other environmental hazards. Other preparation work may include the renovation of existing roads, the demolition of unsafe structures and the installation of new roads and other municipal services (for example: sewers, streetlights, etc.).
There are three scenarios for property development in this final phase. Typically, Canada Lands Company markets and sells the property in phases to builders. The builders then carry out construction consistent with Canada Lands Company’s master development plan. Occasionally, Canada Lands Company may undertake the construction of buildings itself, after site servicing. In the third case, certain properties that are of value to the Government of Canada are retained and Canada Lands Company manages those on behalf of the government. Some of the most prominent properties managed by our company include the Canada’s National Tower (CN Tower), the Old Port of Montréal and the Montréal Science Centre.

Canada Lands Company is working for Canadians all across the country. Browse our diverse portfolio to see how we’re helping to improve communities where Canadians live, work and play.

Recent News

Village at Griesbach site in Edmonton selected for the Federal Lands Initiative for affordable housing
Aug 04, 2020
Canada Lands Company is pleased to offer a site at its Village at Griesbach community in Edmonton, Alberta to the Federal Lands Initiative (FLI), part of the Government of Canada's National Housing Strategy.