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Currie, the third and final phase of the redevelopment and reintegration of the former Canadian Forces Base Calgary, continues to evolve as one of the most progressive communities in Calgary. The roughly 200-acre (80.9-hectare) development combines a unique mix of housing, parks and heritage sites with a walkable urban design that is just minutes from the downtown core.


Located in the heart of southwest Calgary, Currie is a contemporary urban core where work and play rest in perfect balance, with vibrant amenity spaces just steps from your door. Following on the success of Garrison Woods and Garrison Green, Currie is a showpiece community for the latest in urban living.

Currie’s history dates to the mid-1930s when then prime minister Richard Bennett, whose riding included the Currie property, spearheaded the construction of Canadian Forces Base Currie. At the time, it was the largest public works project in Canada and provided employment for thousands of Calgarians.

The Currie base was a mainstay of Canadian’s military history for more than six decades, training thousands of soldiers for wartime and peacekeeping duties.

In recognition of its important role in Canadian history, Currie has eight designated heritage buildings, along with three designated spaces which have been or will be repurposed as Currie’s development proceeds.

The new community site is based on the principles of smart growth and sustainable community design. The vision for Currie builds on the successful designs at Garrison Woods and Garrison Green to create an even more dense community with a richer mix of land uses, housing types, and servicing innovations to achieve a completer and more integrated neighbourhood. Currie is designed to set a new standard in sustainable development. This includes traffic-calmed streets and pedestrian networks that bring most residents within a five-minute walk of shops, parks and public transportation.

Canada Lands has entered into a joint venture agreement with the highly respected Embassy Bosa Inc. for the development of 23 acres of mixed-use retail and multi-family residential development in the heart of the community. 

As part of its commitment to memorializing the historical legacy of its sites, Canada Lands held a special ceremony in 2010 to formally dedicate two special commemorative parks: Valour Park and Victoria Cross Park. These linear parks pay tribute to Canada’s military and to those who served their country during the Second World War. This was followed in 2017 by the construction of the Officers’ Mess Gardens which Canada Lands renovated and opened as a new City of Calgary park.

At full development, Currie is expected to include approximately 5,700 housing units of various types, 250,000 square feet (23,226 square metres) of retail space, roughly 615,000 square feet (57,135 square metres) of office space and 23 acres (9.3 hectares) of parks and open, accessible public areas.

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Calgary, Alberta



Kelvin Whalen