Canada Lands Company introduces visual identity refresh

Jul 04, 2017


Canada Lands Company is proud to introduce its new, more modern, visual identity. Our logo and colours have been refreshed to help us showcase our best to stakeholders, visitors and guests as we shift towards a new era of technology and communications. It builds on the strengths of the past and adds clarity in our symbol and text. It presents a simpler, bolder logo and a cleaner typeface. This new identity will help Canada Lands Company continue its work enhancing communities across the country and providing value to all Canadians. We’re thrilled with our new look.


Marcelo Gomez-Wiuckstern

Vice-president, Corporate communications

t: (416) 214-1227

f: (416) 214-1121

Manon Lapensée

Director, Corporate communications

t: (416) 214-1198

f: (416) 214-1121