Heather Street Lands

Vancouver, British Columbia

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The Heather Street Lands are former properties of Public Services and Procurement Canada that are 21 acres (8.5 hectares) in size located on Heather Street, between West 33rd Avenue and West 37th Avenue in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The RCMP “E” Division Headquarters was located on the site; however, it was determined that the site no longer met the needs of the RCMP. The construction of a new Government of Canada Building for the RCMP is complete and the RCMP has moved off the site except for some ancillary space which will be vacated by the end of 2019.

This property was acquired on October 1, 2014 by the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations Partnership and Canada Lands Company in an historic joint venture. The joint venture partners have worked side-by-side since 2014 with local communities, stakeholders and the municipality to establish a new vision for this site.

Following an extensive consultation and planning process undertaken in conjunction with the City of Vancouver to receive ideas and views about the future of the site from Nations’ members, local communities and the general public, the City of Vancouver Council unanimously approved the Heather Lands policy statement in May 2018. The policy statement is a planning tool used by the City of Vancouver to describe principles and policies to articulate the character, scale and obligations of the redevelopment, and to guide the rezoning process. The Heather Lands policy statement describes a primarily residential new neighbourhood with a provision for affordable and attainable housing, a French language elementary school site, and diverse open spaces intertwined within a vibrant mixed-use development

The partners initiated the rezoning and subdivision process in July 2019, which is anticipated to complete in 2022.


Heather Street Lands

Vancouver, British Columbia



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