1 Port Street

Mississauga, Ontario

1 Port Street is situated in the community of Port Credit (in the City of Mississauga), on the shores of Lake Ontario at the mouth of the Credit River. Canada Lands Company acquired the site from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in early 2011.

The 1 Port Street site includes an approximately 49 acre (20.2 hectare) waterlot and 18.3 acres (7.4 hectares) of tableland. The site also includes a three story office building, a wharf shed, an operating marina with slippage for approximately 800 boats and related other marina facilities.

The site is currently under lease to Centre City Capital Ltd. Canada Lands Company retained a facilitation team from the Canadian Urban Institute that conducted an engagement plan with stakeholders, elected officials and the general public regarding the future use of this property.

Throughout this process, Canada Lands Company has facilitated the City of Mississauga’s policies and objectives with respect to the site and waterfront. The City and Canada Lands is consulting with the community, working towards a municipal master plan and Local Area Policies that will inform the redevelopment of the site and in July 2017, an Official Plan Amendment was approved.

In January 2018, the City of Mississauga and Canada Lands Company announced an agreement regarding the long-term protection of the Port Credit marina, a key community and marina stakeholder objective identified during Canada Lands' and the City's Inspiration Port Credit community consultation process.


The marina agreement includes the City aquiring ownership of land at the base of the marina and the entire waterlot.


1 Port Street

Mississauga, Ontario



James Cox, MCIP RPP

Senior Director of Real Estate (Ontario)