Canada 150 Trail and Lookout Dedication Ceremony on Transformed Shannon Park site

Oct 26, 2017


Dartmouth, N.S. – Today, Canada Lands Company (CLC), owner of the Shannon Park site, opened the new Canada 150 Trail to the public.

“Today marks a turning point in the history of the Shannon Park site,” says Rodger Martin, Vice President of Canada Lands Company. “This is a milestone in the site’s transformation from a former military complex to a new, vibrant and open community. We are proud of the opportunity to dedicate this trail for Canada’s sesquicentennial.”

Canada Lands Company has worked closely with Millbrook First Nation on the planning of the trail and the larger redevelopment of the former Shannon Park lands. “We look forward to creating together a wonderful new community,” says Martin.

“We would like to thank the Confederation of Mainland Mi’kmaq and Canada Lands Company for their cooperative efforts in highlighting the cultural and historical significance as well as the future economic impact of this site to the Millbrook First Nation,” says Millbrook First Nation Chief Bob Gloade.

Today’s event also revealed the key contents of a time capsule that will be located in the future development. “The capsule will include artifacts that are relevant to the site and commemorate the past, present and future of the site,” says Martin. So far items have been contributed by the Former Residents of Shannon Park group, Millbrook First Nation, and the nearby Shannon Park Elementary School.

“This site and the new trail is a wonderful example of partnership in action and the increasingly important development role played by the Mi’kmaq in growing and shaping the community,” says Mayor of Halifax Mike Savage. “While we may have captured a moment in a time capsule, we can continue our progress toward a better and lasting relationship with our region’s Indigenous people.”

To keep informed on the trail’s hours of operations and how long it will remain open for the season, please visit our website at or follow us on Twitter #PlanShannon.


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