Downsview Park is a dynamic urban park that combines active and passive elements, reflecting the diverse nature of the surrounding Downsview community. Visitors from all over the Greater Toronto Area are attracted to the Park’s various on-site uses, ranging from education, sports, nature, recreation and cultural events.

Downsview Park is an approximately 291 acre (118 hectares) combination green-space and mixed-use parcel located in the City of Toronto. The park, currently under the stewardship of Canada Lands Company, represents a majority of the Downsview Lands site, a former Department of National Defence base.

A valuable resource for parents and teachers in Toronto, Downsview Park is actively involved in many green initiatives. Support from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation has contributed to the growth of educational programming at Downsview Park and allowed Canada Lands Company to provide free field trips for students.

Downsview Park also engages the general public through year-round events. The park is host to more than 236,000 attendees per year for various cultural and community events, concerts and runs, including Festival de Verano, Canada Day fireworks, Scotiabank Junior Caribbean Carnival, VELD Music Festival, Women on the Run and many more.

In addition to its community offerings, Downsview Park also offers active recreational uses; the Hangar, a 45,000-square-metre (485,000-square-foot) multi-purpose facility, continued its successful sports programming with more than 1,400 teams participating in its soccer and volleyball leagues, and over 200 teams attending four tournaments during the 2013–2014 season.

Scotiabank Pond opened its doors in late 2013, a 176,000-square-foot state-of-the-art four-pad arena. The ice rinks offer local residents a new, large-scale community amenity on site.

In addition to various public sports facilities, both the KIA Toronto FC Academy and the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts have training facilities at Downsview Park. 



Downsview Park

Toronto, Ontario



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