Downsview Park is a dynamic urban park that combines active and passive elements, reflecting the diverse nature of the surrounding Downsview community. Visitors from all over the Greater Toronto Area are attracted to the Park’s various on-site uses, ranging from education, sports, nature, recreation and cultural events.

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Downsview Park is an approximately 291-acre (118 hectares) combination greenspace and mixed-use parcel located in the City of Toronto. The Park, under the stewardship of Canada Lands Company, represents a majority of the Downsview Lands site, a former Department of National Defence property.

Canada Lands manages its own programs and services offered in the Discovery Centre. The space is Downsview Park’s educational centre and place to engage with students, teachers, families and individuals through the organization of various educational offerings, free community events and school programming.  As with all of the Park’s educational programs, each relies on the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Park including contributions from our tenants such as Fresh City Farms and the Toronto Beekeepers Co-op. Downsview Park also engages the general public through year-round events such as cultural, athletics, community and music events. Downsview Hub, a community gathering space is free for use by community groups who need meeting space.

In addition to these community offerings, Downsview Park also offers active recreational uses; the Hangar, a 43,700-square-metre (470,000-square-foot) multi-purpose facility, continues successful sports programming with teams participating in numerous sports.

Scotia Pond, a 176,000-square-foot state-of-the-art four-pad arena, opened its doors in late 2013. The ice rinks are very active, with residents from all over the GTA enjoying league sports and ice time.

The site is also home to Toronto FC's professional team training facility and youth academy.



Downsview Park

Toronto, Ontario



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