The Downsview Lands project in north Toronto surrounds Downsview Park; one of Toronto’s largest urban green spaces. Its neighbourhoods will be interconnected, incorporating city transit, walking and cycling networks. These park centered developments will feature innovative design and provide places to live, learn, work and play.

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The Downsview Lands are comprised of a former military base of approximately 572 acres (231.5 hectares) and sit on one of the highest elevations in the City of Toronto. Canada Lands’ interests in this site are twofold.

The first is Downsview Park, which includes recreational and green space that over time will occupy in excess of 50 per cent of the entire site; namely, 294 acres of parkland, with passive and natural areas, as well as active uses. Canada Lands Company is serving in an ongoing stewardship role with Downsview Park and is committed to maintaining, improving and connecting the park with the evolving neighbourhoods that surround it.

The second is the planning and development of these emerging neighbourhoods, designed as complementary to the Park and currently indentified in the City of Toronto’s Secondary Plan for residential and commercial development. Presently designated as the Stanley Greene, William Baker, Sheppard, Chesswood and Allen neighbourhoods, these five parcels together represent one of the region’s most exciting community-building initiatives.

Incorporating input from local residents, community groups and city officials, the transition of these neighbourhoods is already underway into an integrated, vibrant and sustainable community centered around Downsview Park.

In December 2013 and April 2014, Canada Lands Company held community consultation meetings for the Downsview Lands to engage with the community and provide an overview regarding project activities. As a first step toward identifying the next area for development, Canada Lands Company has engaged urban design, planning and real estate consultants to assist in developing a strategy to best implement the Downsview Area Secondary Plan.


Downsview Lands

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